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Diese Webseite wird seit dem 1. Januar 2016 nicht mehr aufdatiert. Grund dafür ist die neue Verordnung über die Sicherheitsuntersuchung von Zwischenfällen im Verkehrswesen (VSZV) welche seit dem 1. Februar 2015 in Kraft ist.

Since 1. Januar 2016, this website is no longer updated. The reason is the new ordinance “Sicherheitsuntersuchung von Zwischenfällen im Verkehrswesen (VSZV)“, in force since 1. February 2015

Welcome to the CASO Database

The CASO database holds relevant documents in conjunction with the CASO tasks, such as

  • CASO decisions on aviation safety recommendations and related documents;
  • selected documents and links related to aviation safety.

Below is a selection of recently added or updated documents for quick reference.

CASO publishes new decisions
Based on Safety Recommendations of the Swiss AAIB, the Civil Aviation Safety Officer has published decisions on various subjects. Please finde more information and documentation in the table after the link.
Note: To see the most recent additions to the table, sort by date by clicking on the date title in the table.